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October 10, 2014


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Does this sound like you?

Your Chicago-based company is planning to open a European office and you’ve been tapped to make it happen. Exciting stuff, but so much to think about: hiring the right people, premises, finance issues and a business plan. It’ll certainly look good on the resume if it goes right. That’s if.


As Managing Director of a once promising Liverpool company you’ve seen your European market share dwindle in the face of Asian competition. Things have to change. It’s now or never. And never isn’t an option.


As an Operations Director, you know moving Europeanoperations is never easy. And can be quite painful. But there may not be a company to move in the next six months if you don’t. No pressure, right?

You get the picture.

In today’s globalised economy where time to market is crucial, you need to move swiftly, confidently and in a coordinated way. That’s where First Move Europe can help. We offer a one-stop shop of key services which will save time, effort and money so you can concentrate on your European venture. In other words, you don’t have to pull together services from different sources in a foreign country. You’ll find them at First Move Europe.

These services include:

For more details, click on the item above or contact us to discuss your requirements. It’ll be the smartest move you’ll make.

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